how our surroundings will influence our health

We area unit told that we tend to area unit a nation of couch potatoes, lacking the need and therefore the strength to show round the avoirdupois tanker. we tend to all would like a touch facilitate in our search a healthier life and style will play an important half. If we tend to designed our cities, cities, homes and workplaces a lot of like animal consultants style zoos, we tend to may be one step nearer to reaching our fitness goals – as long as we will have some fun on the means.


It is according that nation are the fattest in Europe by 2025 which if we would like to reverse this we must always have a healthier style by travail a lot of and intake less. however we tend to area unit usually created to feel guilty for not projected to theses healthy style plans. i’d recommend that before we tend to begin blaming individuals for adopting inactive lifestyles, we must always be taking a step back to seem at the look of the environments, cities and cities during which we tend to live.

The link between the look of the engineered and natural setting and its role in our health and well-being has been well explored. currently new analysis, light-emitting diode by Lancaster University, on “design for health” suggests that the setting, as well as buildings, cities, urban areas and transport infrastructure, is closely joined to the lifestyles we tend to adopt.


What is extravagantly clear is that, as we tend to form our surroundings, it’s additionally shaping U.S.. Our psychological, physiological and physical standing in addition as our interactions with others and with the natural setting area unit all affected. A key challenge that governments and policy manufacturers worldwide face is however our engineered setting and infrastructure ought to be formed to support healthier behaviours to forestall illness.


First, we must always stop specializing in strategies that tell individuals what to (or not to) do and that plan to modification their behaviour merely through media campaigns and retributive measures, like tax schemes. whereas seeking to minimise the barriers that stop healthy behaviours, we must always make certain that the look of recent environments is taken into consideration.

Looking to zoos


A good model would be to seem at however zoos area unit designed. Before a menagerie is made, it’s common observe for zoologists, biologists, animal psychologists, nutritionists, architects, designers associate degreed landscape architects to figure closely along to make an setting that optimises the living conditions for the animals.


Important environmental components, like vegetation, habitat, lighting, materials and every animal’s needs area unit taken into consideration. the final word aim is to style associate degree setting that absolutely supports the animals’ physical, psychological and social well-being. Ironically, we tend to don’t appear to create a similar demands once a city, neighbourhood or work setting for humans is planned and designed.


Another chance that has recently emerged is that the healthy urban area NHS initiative. The aim is to radically rethink however we tend to live associate degreed take an bold inspect up health through the engineered setting. 10 demonstrator cities are engineered across European nation with community health and well-being as their main focus. Clinicians, designers and technology consultants can reimagine however aid is delivered in these places. though this can be a step within the right direction, what it’s presently missing is that the a lot of holistic approach we’ve got seen within the style of the zoos.


A crucial part in coming up with these cities in order that they area unit places that individuals would need to measure in, is to incorporate community members in their creation. This strategy would facilitate design-in health-promoting behaviours, like access to healthy food shops or inexperienced areas during which individuals will walk and exercise.

Embracing playfulness


Playful style – the mapping of impish experiences from games and toys to alternative non-game contexts – will play a vital role here in tantalizing and inspiring individuals towards healthier alternatives. for instance, the piano stairs project in national capital, that converts the railway system stairs into an enormous functioning clavier – very similar to the piano created illustrious within the thespian show massive (1988) – demonstrates nice promise. It encourages commuters to take the intriguing new way rather than the escalators to get pleasure from creating musical movements as they are going up and down.

A project within the European country, meanwhile, illustrates however everyday street article of furniture, like lampposts, benches and bollards, is inexpensively born-again into impromptu exercise devices, tantalizing individuals to have interaction in casual activity and socialise with their neighbours. we tend to may so conceive of many alternative contexts were playfulness will rework mundane everyday activities into fun ones that encourage individuals into a a lot of active and social style.


We may convert building walls into activity walls to encourage stretching of arms and legs through touch; plan public squares and walkways into interactive dance floors that invite movement and guide you thru a city; and rework work areas and public places into “playgrounds” that boost movement and productivity and reduce lethargy.


So there you have got it. If we would like to be a nation of lean, mean and healthy voters we’d like to find out from zoos and therefore the animals that sleep in them. {and we tend to|and that we} got to embrace playfulness and revel in the place wherever we live. That way, we will tackle life with a hop, skip and a jump.

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